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Apartment 14, Building 30 C , Armed Forced Compound , Tosson , Alexandria, Egypt




kayak scope of service

Providing Project Management Solutions.

(Offices, Warehouses, Yards and Storage Areas - Professional Man Power)

  • Shipping, Transportation and Custom Clearance.

(Heavy Lifts and Over Dimension Transport)

  • Handling, Lifting, and Pulling Equipment

(Cherry Picker, Winches, Forklifts and Cranes)

  • Supplying Caravan, Cargo Carrying Units, Gas Racks and Reefer Containers. (Offshore certified)

  • Industrial Equipment, Tools and Consumables

(Compressors, Generators, Welding Material, etc.).

  • Electrical, Hydraulic and Mechanical Supplies.

  • Filters & Rolling Contact Bearings.

  • Industrial Gasses and Chemicals.

  • Hiring Tanks, Tank Cleaning.

  • Marine supplies. (Deck and Engine supplies)

British Admiralty Charts & Marine Publication.

Catering, Food & Beverages (Fresh, Dry, and Frozen Products).

  • Other Services (Waste Oil / Garbage Collection, Life Raft Certification,

NDT Inspection, Scrap Dealers, and Equipment Maintenance Services).