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kayak provision deck and engine



KAYAK main objective is to earn the position as your preferred and reliable one-stop supplier and problem solver.

We will achieve this by providing even better services and logistics applying our quality standards. Through increasing sales volumes, improving our purchasing power and developing more efficient logistics and quality, we aim at further enhancing our customers' benefits and our business.  

Our commercial success is based on our ability to work hand-in-hand with you as our customer, ability to respond to our customer’s individual requirements with tailor-made solutions, and in deserving your confidence, your trust and your loyalty. 

Every task carried out, every decision taken - small or big - is deeply embedded in the values and business conduct of our company:  high ethics, human touch, innovation and dynamics are the cornerstones of our business practice.

KAYAK is on a constant journey making us an even more significant partner to the shipping industry. KAYAK continues to penetrate the Egyptian market. We are a high growth company and we are aiming for supreme world class. 

We aim at standardizing processes and aligning product ranges and services at the highest possible quality, in order to live up to your expectations when you do business with KAYAK in all Egyptian ports. 


Enhancing our customers’ benefits 
Through increasing sales volumes, improving purchasing power, and developing more efficient logistics, we aim at further enhancing our customers’ benefits and our own business.

Delivers quality to remote locations

We create value for our customers within the offshore sector based on our unique experience and capabilities in catering and food supply, procurement, logistics, spare parts handling, storage, sales and a wide range of quality marine products.



Market Segments

Efficiently we serve cargo fleets, cruise and ferry fleets, and offshore facilities in all Egyptian ports.  We offer general supplies, logistical service, storage and handling services to all our clients.

As a fast growing suppliers and service providers to the shipping and offshore industry, we are constantly aware of our customers' greatest concern, to save time and money.

We supply just what you need.

Main Services


Outfitting a fleet is no easy task. Miss just one item and there’s no replacing it­­ – there aren’t any corner shops in the middle of the ocean. From food, to deck to engine supplies we’re fully stocked.


Global provisions with a local touch

We offer you a wide range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions and supply them to over Egyptian ports. Reliability, freshness and food safety are our key priorities. We distribute all our products, both local and imported goods, from our warehouses or through carefully selected partners.

Through our experience we have built up a core selection of high quality food items from selected suppliers and brands we know your crew prefers. We have gathered our clients’ feedback to our Provisions List, covering the most popular food ingredients the same you will require worldwide on a daily basis.

Bonded stores

KAYAK sources a wide variety of tobacco, non-alcoholic beverages, confectionary, electronics, clothing, perfumes and toiletries as well as Jewelry. We are aware that the customers want variety, quality and the possibility to choose among the best brands in the world. If you can't find it here, ask us, we have it all.




The welfare of your crew is our top priority. Our procedures ensure that the highest levels of safety management are adopted by our personnel every day, 365 a year.

As part of KAYAK (FSHEC) PROGRAM has been identified that require specific controls and monitoring procedures to be applied. These are essential to prevent, reduce and/or eliminate food safety hazards to acceptable limits.

Identify, prevent, correct

Hazard identification, prevention, monitoring and corrective action procedures are in place at all points along the process, to track and secure our products.

We distribute all food items from our own warehouses. None of the products are manufactured or modified in our facilities. Everything arrives at our warehouses packed. We then pick and distribute the products according to the (FSHEC) guidelines.

Commitment to our FSHEC program ensures control of food safety, freshness and quality


The FSHEC program includes the following major stages and controls:


       Receipt of goods from suppliers

When products are received at our warehouse, they undergo a strict inspection procedure. Potential hazards, such as contamination, incorrect temperatures, incorrect expiry dates, documentation errors etc. are identified and dealt with by fully trained staff. We also conduct regular audits of our suppliers.


      Storage in chillers / freezers

We have stringently implemented temperature controls throughout our facilities to ensure maintenance of the cold chain at all points. Potential hazards are identified, prevented and issues resolved by trained staff on a daily basis.


    Picking and dispatch of products

Temperature control is verified. Fully trained staff members ensure appropriate handling practices are followed. Products are dispatched only when they pass our strict conformance criteria.


Not ideal: Temp behavior by reefer

Ideal: PRS Temp behavior



Aggressive air cooling by reefers .

Passive Refrigeration gently absorbs radiation from container contents




The Cold Chain

The key for assuring the quality of the food is the so-called Cold Chain: from the moment the goods leave the manufacturers facilities, they must be conserved in a range of temperatures that depends upon the product:

  • Fresh goods: Typically between 0 - 7C

  • Frozen goods: Typically between -15 and -24C

NOTE: EU regulations as well as environmental (energy conservation) guidelines advise against too low temperatures!






Cabin, deck and engine stores


KAYAK has a portfolio of products and services including:

  • Cabin & Bridge:


  • Stationary.

  • Lavatory equipment.

  • Cleaning material and chemicals.

  • Nautical equipment .

  • Admiralty charts and books.

  • Welfare items.

  • Safety Equipment:


  • Maritime equipment.

  • Life-saving equipment, Safety protective gear.

  • Fall Protection and evacuation equipment.

  • Fire-fighting and rescue.

  • Walkway nets life buoys.

  • Rigging equipment and general deck equipment:


  • Ropes, hawsers and accessories

  • Wire rope and accessories

  • Chains and accessories

  • Trolleys, hoists and winches

  • Plate Clips and beam clamps

  • Fiber slings and load fuses

  • Marine paints, Painting equipment

  • Hose and couplings

  • Valves and cocks.

  • Bearings.

  • Machinery equipment.

  • Engineered systems & products.

  • Electrical equipment.



  • Supplies and miscellaneous supplies:


  • Pneumatic and electrical tools.

  • Welding consumables.

  • Industrial and food grade gases.

  • Bolts and fasteners.

  • Hand tools.

  • Cutting tools.

  • Measuring tools.

  • Metal sheets, bars etc.

  • Pipe and tube fittings.

  • Miscellaneous for Subsea:


  • Buoyancies.

  • Quick release rigging.

  • Subsea clamp weights.

  • Other Services:


  • General maintenance and repairs.

  • Lashing and seafastening.

  • Welding and deck modification.

  • Engine room cleaning.

  • Garbage skips and collection.

  • Tank and Hold Cleaners.

  • Pest control and fumigation.

  • Sludge collection.

  • Onboard Test Kits.

  • Analytical Services.

  • Packing and jointing.

  • Recreation activities.

  • Catering.

  • Zinc anodes.

  • Manufacturing of engine parts.

  • Chemicals, Gases and Lubricants.



  • Rental Services


August 2015 a sister company agreement with Air Ocean Line,

AOL With their equipment, KAYAK now has a solid rental fleet as below:

  • Fully-equipped containers / refrigerated.

  • Gas racks, Garbage skips and offshore lifting units.

  • Fender and gangway.

  • Washing equipment.

  • All cranes types.

  • Cherry picker.

  • Fork-lift.

  • Generators, Compressors.

  • Paint raft.

The equipment complies with top European standards and comes with the necessary classification certificates. 
For all kinds of ships, exploration rigs, fixed or floating production platforms. 


Marine spare parts


At KAYAK you can receive trouble-free supply of technical spares through one single contact. We have extensive knowledge of the supplier base for European made spare parts.

We also provide manufacturing of engine parts, with the necessary classification certificates.














KAYAK delivers 24H / 24H, 365 days / 365 days. 

We respond quickly to your inquiries.

Our desire is to offer you coverage without compromising the local service and human touch is our hallmark forming KAYAK.

Our many satisfied customers appreciate our well-run operation, qualified personnel and around-the-clock service. Well-established logistical and delivery routines guarantee our customers a high level of security.